How old does a driver need to be in order to be allowed to sign up for Pakkage? 

We have a policy for all users of Pakkage to be 18 or older. That’s why we request all drivers to take a picture of their drivers’ license when creating a profile.

Why do I have to pay a $10 charge when I sign up as a driver? Is this fee refundable? 

The reason why Pakkage makes the driver applicants pay a $10 fee when signing up as drivers is simply to make sure that there is some credibility behind the drivers, that drivers have a valid form of payment and that we can filter out individuals who are not able to obtain a credit card or debit card. Nevertheless this charge is refundable after the driver completes the first 3 deliveries!

Can I use my company car to transfer a package? 

This is up to you and your employer but Pakkage under no circumstances will be held accountable for drivers’ misuse of company or governmental vehicles for which they have no authorization to operate for any other purpose outside of work.

What is the pay rate for the driver? 

You start at $2.56/package and it can increase to $3.98/package depending on the ratings and reliability of the driver. After the first 10 successful deliveries this rate will go up by $0.22/package and after that it will increase in increments of $0.20/package for every 10 successful deliveries up to a maximum of $3.98/package. 

How is my reliability rated as a driver? 

Each driver starts at 93 points and for each 5 successful deliveries on time and without damaging the packages, the driver will get 1 point added to his reliability index.

Do I have to use my car or can I use a friend’s car too? 

We request that the driver owns, or has the legal right to operate the vehicle and the driver’s name must appear on the insurance of the vehicle used to deliver packages.

Does Pakkage offer additional insurance for my vehicle in case I get on an accident when delivering packages for Pakkage? 

Pakkage is not a shipping service and does not act as a shipping carrier under any circumstance. Pakkage is simply an online platform developed to facilitate shipping of packages between people using third party drivers who act on their own behalf and using their own cars. Hence the driver will be solely responsible for any and all liability that results from using the vehicle during package transportation under Pakkage.

How does the referral program work? 

For every candidate referred by you who is able to sign up under Pakkage as a driver, pass the background check, and show that he can be reliable and have a rating score of 98 or higher, you will receive $0.25 for every package that is delivered by that driver. So we will let you do the calculations.

Can I refuse to deliver a package? 

You can certainly refuse to deliver the package if you think the content of the package is dubious, or if you see spills from the package or the quality of the package material is very low so the chances for tear during transportation would be much higher. Simply ask yourself this question: Would the post office accept such a package? If the answer is no, then probably you shouldn’t. The driver will not be charged any fee for refusing to deliver a package.


The Package Process:

PAKKAGE provides an online platform that enables users of PAKKAGE’s mobile application or website to arrange and schedule the delivery of packages and/or mail with the purpose of providing same day delivery. However this service is subject to, but not limited, distance between the originating HUB and the final destination HUB, as well as contingent on availability of drivers who will act as carriers, an individual or company, engaged in providing services according to the contractual agreement between the carrier and PAKKAGE.

PAKKAGE’s mission is to provide an option where people can send and receive packages 24/7, 365 days a year. The way it works is by utilizing drivers that already go to destinations where the packages are intended to go, so these drivers who are individuals acting on their own behalf, can make some money while rendering you, the sender, a service for delivering your package in a low-cost way as compared to traditional package delivery companies.

As an example: 

Dave lives in Bismarck, ND and wants to ship a package overnight to his sister who lives in Fargo, ND. Dave has already downloaded the PAKKAGE app, created and verified his profile on the app. He logs in to the PAKKAGE app, fills out all the required information regarding where the package is going and who the recipient is, gets the package ready, writes the name of his sister and her phone number on the package itself (phone number is optional) and takes the package to the nearest HUB he can locate using his smart phone. Once at the HUB, Dave takes a self-adhesive QR Code (free of charge) from the attendant at the HUB, scans it and attaches it to the package. After the package is scanned, the recipient receives an automated generated email and text message to notify that the packages has been accepted and is waiting at the HUB for a driver to pick it up. After the package is scanned by the sender, the HUB personnel scans it too so a record is created that connects the package with the HUB it was scanned and only after this takes place, approved PAKKAGE drivers can see that the HUB has a package that needs to go to Fargo.

James, a local of the area and an approved driver is planning to drive to Fargo that day, so he logs in the app to check  if there might be any packages for Fargo in any nearby HUBS, finds out that there is a package in one of the HUBS nearby (unless there is only one HUB for the area), goes to the HUB, scans the package using PAKKAGE app and another automated email and text is sent to sender, recipient and the HUB itself showing who the driver is and that the package is with James. A driver must use PAKKAGE app in order to scan the package and the HUB must verify a valid ID of the driver before any package is released for shipment.

Once the package is with the driver, the driver must keep the PAKKAGE app on; because that’s the only way the package can be tracked in real time. After the driver arrives at the Destination HUB, he drops the package and a clerk from the destination HUB, scans it, makes sure the package is not damaged or destroyed and puts it in a safe place. After the package has been scanned from the clerk then another automated email and text message is sent to both the sender and the recipient notifying them that the package has arrived safely and is ready to be picked up.

The sender is encourage to rate the driver depending on punctuality, correctness, and care displayed while in possession of the package during the time of delivery.

What are the requirements for the package to be delivered? 

First of all we encourage you to recycle and use any cardboard boxes that you think are fit to use as a package for your items. Or you can use the pre-approved PAKKAGE boxes which will be sold at each HUB location. The box has to be no larger than 1,726 cubic inches (i.e. 12.12.12 or any other variations that equal to 12.12.12 or 1726 cubic inches) and no heavier than 40 lbs. It needs to be securely taped and have the name of the recipient, a phone number (optional) and the destination Hub written on the package itself.

How do I create a profile? 

You can create a User Profile using PAKKAGE app or going to the website www.pakkage.net. If you download the PAKKAGE app from the play store just follow the instructions under New User Registration link. If you use the website just go under Register and choose a profile. It is required that you provide a valid form of payment, credit card or bank account. You will need to complete the registration process and a link will be sent to your email account of choice in order to finalize the verification process.

How do I pay for the cost of shipping a package? 

Senders will be responsible for paying the $10 fee for shipping each package which will be automatically deducted from their bank account or credit card once the package has been picked up by the driver from the originating HUB. The payment will remain with PAKKAGE until the driver successfully completes the delivery of the package to the destination hub.

How do I know the package won’t be lost, stolen, or destroyed? 

We will cover up to $100.00 of value for lost or damaged package. See terms and conditions. While there is no way we can prevent such occurrences from happening, we will make sure that this service offers peace of mind to both the sender and the recipient to the best of our abilities.

Is there a service charge for using this app? 

No there is no service charge.

Is there an age limit to who can use Pakkage? 

Yes, no person under the age of 18 is allowed to use this service.

Can I cancel my transaction in case I change my mind about shipping my package through PAKKAGE? 

As long as the package is still at the Originating HUB you can certainly cancel the package at no cost to you. Once your package has been picked up by the driver, cancellation won’t be an option.

In order to protect the quality and trustworthiness of our services, PAKKAGE has the right to terminate or deactivate the Sender’s account after 5 package cancellations  from the Sender, without prior notice, only if these cancellations take place within a short period of time.

What do I do if my shipment is lost or damaged during delivery?

You will need to complete and submit a claim via one of the 3 methods below:​
Submit claims online at www.pakkage.net
Send written claims, including the completed claim form and supporting documentation, via the U.S. Postal Service or fax to:

PAKKAGE Claims Department

712 West Main St

Mandan, ND 58554

The recipient must retain the box, packaging materials, and the contents as these may be required for inspection during the claims process. We must receive notice of a claim due to damage (visible or concealed) within 48 hrs after package is picked up at the hub.


Are PAKKAGE shipments backed by a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes! You can request a refund or credit of your transportation charges if your shipment is not delivered by the applicable delivery commitment for the service selected. For more information, please visit the Money-Back Guarantee section of the Terms and Conditions.​
Notice of claims for which you are seeking more than US$100 must be received within 48 hours after the package has been delivered and received by the recipient. All claims must be made within this time limit.
Your notice of claim must include complete shipper and recipient information, tracking code, date of shipment, product description and shipment weight. Failure to provide us with notice in the manner and within the time limits set forth above will result in denial of your claim, and we will have no liability or obligation to pay your claim.
Written documentation supporting the amount of your claim must be delivered to us within 10 business days after the package was shipped. Such documentation may include original purchase invoices, estimates or invoices for repair, expense statements, appraisals, final confirmation screen if online order with proof of payment, or other records. These documents must be verifiable to our satisfaction.
Only one claim can be filed in connection with a shipment. Acceptance of payment of a claim shall revoke any rights to recover in connection with that shipment.
You can file a claim in the following ways:
Submit claims online at (www.pakkage.net/claims)
Send written claims, including the completed claim form and supporting documentation, via the U.S. Postal Service to the address provided above.
Call customer service at 1.800……. You may have to submit supporting documentation.