BUSINESS INSIDER: Interview with the PAKKAGE Team covering everything YOU NEED TO KNOW about PAKKAGE!

Marlo Anderson, Pakkage CEO and Founder
How did you come up with the idea for PAKKAGE?
M. I’m always trying to think of the next idea that is going to make people’s lives easier. Pakkage helps people get paid for travel they’re doing anyway, and helps people send a package at an affordable price. We couldn’t be happier about the excitement of Pakkage!
Q. Most people already know that Pakkage is like  “ride-share mobile apps,” but for packages, but how does it work?
M. It’s Simple. If you’re from Mandan, for example, and you’re about to hit the road to Minot, you would login to the Pakkage Mobile App, and see how many packages are waiting at the PAKKAGE HUB to be shipped to Minot. Say there are four packages, you would claim those packages, stop at our PAKKAGE HUB, which is the Cenex on Main Street in Mandan, pick up the four packages, drop them off at the PAKKAGE HUB in Minot, which is another conveniently located Pakkage Hub–a Cenex on Broadway, and you would get paid up to about $4 per package, so in this case, Pakkage would pay you up to $16 for a trip you’re going to make anyway. 
Q. You say “up to $4 per package.” Is there a range in pay the driver will receive?
M. Yes, there is a grading pay scale, or efficiency scale to incentivize drivers. This way, efficient, effective drivers get paid more, and senders receive their packages quicker. Drivers start out around $2 per package, but after they deliver ten packages efficiently, they get up to the top pay grade, or $3.92 per package.
Q. Who can be a driver?
M. In order to be a driver during the beta testing, you will need to have an Android smartphone. We’re hoping to launch the iOS platform shortly after the Android platform, so be on the lookout for that.
Q. Who can be a sender?
M. In order to be a sender during beta, you need to have a Android device, and the Pakkage Mobile App.
Shawn Brannan, Co-Owner and Business Development Director
Q. How does a Pakkage Driver know where the Pakkage Hubs are located?
S. That’s easy too. The Pakkage Mobile App tells the driver where the pick-up and drop-off Pakkage Hubs are located–we typically try to make them 24-hour convenient stores to make it easy on the sender and the driver.
Q. How many cities/towns is Pakkage currently operating in?
S. The Pakkage mobile app is in the beta testing phase in Dickinson, Mandan, Bismarck, and Minot. As soon as beta ends (which, be by May 1st. we will be adding 1 new city each week.
Q. How do Drivers get paid? And how do senders pay?
S. Easy. Drivers get deposits directly into their account, and senders pay directly out of their account with a service similar to PayPal.